• Body

    ...הֱיוֹת הַגּוּף בָּרִיא וְשָׁלֵם מִדַּרְכֵי הַשֵּׁם הוּא

    Seeking health and wholeness as an embodied practice is of the ways of the Divine... - Maimonides


    Breath, movement, song, rest, meditation, time in nature, food, and plants from the earth are some of the ingredients that enrich our recipe of well being.

    With us explore...

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    How attention to our breath opens a door for our bodies to experience joy and vitality

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    Movement and Dance

    How movement and dance can open our spirit and awaken our childlike exuberance and sense of play



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    How foods, herbs and medicinal plants can deeply connect us to nature as they regenerate and revitalize

  • Spirit

    ...אֱלֹהַי, נְשָׁמָה שֶׁנָּתַֽתָּ בִּי טְהוֹרָה הִיא

    My Divine Creator, the soul that you have placed within me is pure. - Morning Prayer


    We put study of mystical and traditional texts together with the embodied practices of meditation, chant, movement, art, music, dance, planting, tending, and harvesting our earth, to further our understanding of the Divine love and compassion that hold our lives and our universe together. Come and learn.

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    Practicing mindfulness meditation opens our awareness of spirit, body and mind, cultivating compassion and well being

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    Mystical/Spiritual Study

    Getting inside texts from a Neo-Hasidic perspective opens a world of new meaning that we can apply to our lives



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    Chant and Song

    Singing sacred melodies with and without words (niggun) opens our hearts and connects us to one another and creation

  • Gaia

    וַיִּיצֶר יְיָ אֱלֹהִים אֶת־הָאָדָ֗ם עָפָר מִן־הָ֣אֲדָמָה...

    And the Divine created the human being (ha-adam) from the dust of the earth (ha-adamah)... - Genesis 2:7


    We are literally soil beings, made from the earth. Through the soil we learn about our essence, and tending the soil we nourish our own creation.

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    Earth Justice and Regeneration

    Facilitating regenerative agriculture mitigates climate change, just one of many actions that help all of Creation share in and protect Earth's bounty.

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    Garden/Breathe with the Earth 

    Designing a kitchen garden, homestead, drip system, composting, natives, pollinators... you create the space to grow and heal as you tend the planet.



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    Plant Medicine

    Plants have stories and meanings they teach us. Some of their wisdom is to improve our well being and some is for the betterment of nature.