Shmitah: Counting the Omer

Remembering "Planting Our Seeds, Planting Our Souls," with Hazon

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We are in the period of the Omer in the Jewish calendar, the period that begins on the second night of Passover and ends with Shavuot. This seven-week period has agricultural significance. This is especially meaningful during a shmitah year as it brings us yet another opportunity to focus on and appreciate the land, remembering her beauty and how she supports our very lives. What better way to deepen our recognition and awareness of our interconnectedness than through a spiritual journey that furthers our openness and receptivity to creation and all creatures - including ourselves! 

Each week is devoted to a specific spiritual theme. This is a middah (character trait), an emanation of the Divine, from the Kabbalah's Tree of Life. For example, the first week is devoted to Hesed: Lovingkindess. The second, to Gevurah: Strength and Discipline. 

Last year I had the honor of collaborating with Hazon to bring a virtual journey to the community during these seven weeks. We called the program "Planting Our Seeds, Planting Our Souls." I'm sharing this journey with you, whether you are new to the Omer or have it as a regular practice. And if you were on our program last year, I'm sure there will be new discoveries in exploring these videos again. 

Last year part of our program was planting and tending our seeds. This year, during Shmitah, we can plant seeds of well being and social justice, design composting systems and find other ways to nourish the earth as she rests and heals, simultaneously nourishing ourselves.

Below are the videos of weeks 1 and 2, beginning with week 2. Enjoy the journey. May it be meaningful and freeing to your spirit, and healing for the land.


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 Rabbi Robin 

 Week 1, Hesed: Lovingkindness - Planting Our Seeds, Planting Our Souls, with Hazon


Week 2, Gevurah: Strength and Discipline - Planting Our Seeds, Planting Our Souls, with Hazon