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  • Limitless Judaism, created by Rabbi Robin Damsky, is a project of learning, movement, meditation, melody, art, tilling and tending, that draws the lines of connection between our physical bodies, our spiritual expression and Gaia, our earth-cosmos. Combining earth-based embodied practice with the rich wisdom of the Jewish tradition, we heal and grow ourselves as we heal and grow our planet.



    • Meditation

    • Mystical Study

    • Chanting and Song

    • Gardening/Homesteading

    • Plant Medicine

    • Earth Justice and Regeneration

  • Contact Rabbi Robin for a free 30-minute consult to design your personal program.

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    Spiritual direction involves reflection, curiosity and seeking with a spiritual guide who provides loving, non-judgmental, contemplative listening...

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    Limitless Judaism can be brought to you virtually, or safety permitting, live...

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    I am honored to be serving Judea Reform Congregation, bringing Body-Spirit-Gaia through services, classes, meditations, Torah study, and pastoral care. Join us for embodied practice, spiritual exploration and earth-based Judaism, Many programs are hybrid. Check here for details.



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    Join Rabbi Robin

    As she leads the Institute for Jewish Spirituality's Daily Meditation Sit, 12:30-1:00 PM Eastern




    December 1, 2023

    January 4, 2024


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    October 16, 2023

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  • About Rabbi Robin Damsky

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    The earth is our source. The spirit is our nourishment. The body is our means to connect and exalt the two. We are interconnected. The three can only thrive when in sacred relationship. This forms the foundation of Limitless Judaism.


    From the time I was a young child, I marveled at the earth. Living on a dead-end street with a wild sand field that led to the canal of the Great South Bay on Long Island, I was enchanted by the fleabanes, chicory, mullein, and other wild plants that grew there. I loved the smell of the salt water, and learned the tides by scent. Sunrise and sunset at the water's edge was a balm to my soul.


    In school I began to study botany. It honed my attention to the growing things and created within me a lifelong love of growing plants and trees, now focused on food, medicinal plants, pollinators and native species.


    Simultaneous to this internal path was one my mom set me on at the age of three: dance class. It was a part of my world for as long as I remember. It was never a serious endeavor, however, until a fluke in college had me studying for and earning a BFA in dance. This training – studying improvisation and choreography – opened me up to the internal creative juices of being human, just like being with the earth and her flora and fauna connected me with the creativity of our sacred Creation.


    These were the birthplaces of my spirituality, although it would be years before I would begin to formally study spiritual practices – first in the form of macrobiotics, later yoga and eventually, Judaism; the faith into which I was born. And while I maintained my tending of the earth, it would be years later still that I would begin to connect my body to spirit and earth through mindfulness and meditation, eventually reclaiming dance as part of the trio of body-spirit-gaia.


    What has become evidently clear to me in recent years, all the more so with COVID-19, is that our personal and physical well-being is inextricably linked to our spiritual practice and to our earth. The health of the one affects the health of the other two. And so Limitless Judaism was born, to help us feel joy in our bodies as we explore creativity in embodied practices like meditation, movement, chant and art; to guide us deeper on our own spiritual journey of discovery through study, reflection and practice; and to revel in the earth and the gifts she brings us – seen and unseen – as we invest in nourishing her through all the cycles of growing.


    I enjoy sharing this journey with you. May the interlacing of these practices enhance our vitality, our wisdom and compassion, bringing us more together as a human family as we bring more wholeness to ourselves and our earth.


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    Institute for Jewish Spirituality, Clergy Cohort, Meditation Teacher Training

    University of Judaism, Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies

    Jewish Theological Seminary, Davidson School of Education


    Swedish Institute School of Massage, Swedish, Shiatsu, Medical Massage

    Ohio University, BFA in Dance


    Kiss the Ground's Soil Advocacy Training

    National Audubon Society, Ecology for Educators

    Poconos Environmental Education Center, Ecology Training

    Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Botany Intensive


  • A Deeper Look...

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    Spiritual Direction

    Guidance on your spiritual journey

    Spiritual direction involves reflection, curiosity and seeking with a spiritual guide who provides loving, non-judgmental, contemplative listening. My purpose is to offer a safe, receptive space in which you can explore your path into a deeper connection with yourself, with others and with the Divine. Of course, as an expression of Limitless Judaism, that includes your personal well being and your interconnectedness with the planet. The focus of spiritual direction is to bring your attention to the sacred in all moments of your life.


    Some questions that might lead one to Spiritual Direction:

    • How do I understand my life in a spiritual context?

    •  What is my purpose?
    •  How can I bring more compassion to myself and my day?

    In times of confusion or struggle, the following may be explored:

    •  What is the invitation/opportunity presented by my current circumstances?
    •  Where is the Divine in this? (Note that belief in God is not a prerequisite.)
    •  Where in your body does this feeling reside, and can you touch that spot   with kindness?
    •  What body-centered, spirit-centered and/or earth-centered practice/s might be a companion to you as you seek understanding
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    Scholar-in-Residence Program

    Limitless Judaism can be brought to you virtually, or safety permitting, live. Design an embodied, earth centered, spirit-filled program that breathes life into your community.


    Book for:

    • Individual Programs

    • Full Day Programs

    • Shabbatons

    • Retreats

  • Contact Rabbi Robin for a free 30-minute consult to design your personal program.

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  • Testimonials

    Embodied Practice

    "Thank you so much, I can honestly say I have never experienced my body like this before.

    ~ Retreat Participant


    Gaia-Earth Practice

    I loved the images of Yuds falling as rain. I got a vision of the ground opening with a Hey, and the vav growing from the ground with a Hey flower.

    ~ Greg M.


    "Thank you, Rabbi Robin for your beautiful meditation and helping me to connect outward and bring awareness and compassion to those suffering, especially because of police brutality and racism.

    ~ COVID Virtual Meditation Participant

    Mindfulness Practice

    "I've been up since 2:00 am – and I've been a wreck. This has helped so much... to feel connected to other people. I'm sheltering, 100% alone. So thank you for everyone's presence.

    ~ COVID Virtual Meditation Participant


    "My 17-year-old daughter loves your energy and vibes. She wanted me to tell you. ♥


    "Wow, what a teaching. I would love to do more of this.

    ~ Jill M.

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